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AIPMT 2014 Syllabus

Updated On:09 Jul 2014 01:29 PM IST By: Ishita Parekh

AIPMT 2014 Syllabus: AIPMT 2014 will have 180 Multiple Choice Questions from Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects. Physics, Chemistry and Biology will have 45 questions each. The total duration for the AIPMT 2014 exam will be 3 hours.

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AIPMT 2014 Syllabus will have questions from class 11th and class 12th text books based on CBSE and various state syallabi.

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All India Pre Medical/ Pre Dental Examination is scheduled to take place on May 4, 2014. In the year 2014, AIPMT 2014 will take place instead of NEET. However, the change in the examination will not affect the Syllabus for AIPMT 2014. It will remain same.

In this article you will find AIPMT 2014 Syllabus and Important Topics for AIPMT 2014 that will help you to prepare for AIPMT 2014 Exam.


Click here to download the AIPMT 2014 Syllabus for Physics, Chemistry and Biology.


Below are the AIPMT 2014 Important Topics as suggested by Mr Shailendra Maheshwari, Director, Career Point:


Important topics in Physics

Core Topic


Modern Physics

Atomic Structure

Photo Electric Effect

Dual Nature , Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity

Electronic Devices

Heat and Thermodynamics

Heat Flow [ Conduction | Radiation]



Sound Wave


Electrostatic | Capacitors

Electrical Circuits and Measuring Instruments


EMI and AC

Mechanic, Ray and Wave Optics


Important topics in Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

  • Electrochemistry

  • Chemical  Thermodynamics

  • Colligative Properties

  • Chemical Kinetics

  • Co-ordination Chemistry

  • P-block

  • Chemical Bonding


General Organic Chemistry

Important in Biology:  One should not leave any topic in Biology. Examiner may ask any question from anywhere.

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